End of the Pioneering Year

It was amazing journey but the first year of ESC-MD ended in July 2012. There are now 9 new interns living and working in Baltimore. They continue the legacy of ESC and they are in our thoughts and prayers.

To follow the new interns and their adventures click here.

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25-11 Countdown Recap

We began the Top 25 Countdown earlier this month and here is a recap of 25-11.

25. Earthquake in Baltimore                      17. Baltimore Public Transit

24. Exploring Suburban Living                  16. Urban Mulberry Foraging

23. Feminine Wisdom                                  15. Pirate Roller Derby

22. Meeting Issa Rae                                     14. Cosbys

21. LVC and JVC                                            13. Mother Martha

20. Roadtrip                                                   12. Tshirts for Convention

19. Jillys                                                           11. Orioles

18. Sharing Food and Cooking Meals

The top ten is coming so keep checking back each day!

11. Let’s Go Os!!

We began this year by attending an Orioles game. We ended it by attending an Orioles. “True, True” one of of catchphrases all year came from an experience at Camden Yards. In true Baltimore fashion Let’s Go Os!

12. Making Fun T-shirts for Diocesan Council (the night before)

By Janet

True to our generation, we are the masters of procrastination.  But when we got down to making them, we had a ton of fun.  And the shirts turned out great.

19. Jillys

Friends had the Central Perk, How I Met Your Mother has MacLaren’s and we have Jillys.

Located on Reisterstown Rd Jillys became our local hangout. A great place to listen to live music (even if the guy won’t take your requests), play cards, and watch Ravens games.

20. Roadtrip

Spontaneous trips to Annapolis must include a Spice Girls sing-a-long.

21. Connecting with LVC and JVC

During our year we were able to connect with the JVC and the LVC. It was nice having other young adults going through a similar program to hang out with and get to know. 

Whether it was game nights, meeting at farmers markets, or dancing the night away…

From all of us to all of you. Thanks for the memories.



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