14. The Cosbys come to Baltimore

By Janet

The Cosbys come to Baltimore

Bill Cosby. I grew up with this guy. He was always on my Grandma’s TV when I was growing up. And I got the chance, not only to meet him and his lovely and extraordinary wife, but to be a part of the planning and preparation for their visit.

Now the back story of how my little community center scored such celebrities really speaks to the generosity of the Cosbys and their recognition of where their roots are. Camille Cosby, Bill’s radiant wife, was educated by aCatholicSchoolin DC, which was run by the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first order of African American nuns. They have a huge focus on education as a means for young, inner-city African American youth to discover God and reach equality through literacy. That school in DC has since been closed, but Camille Cosby and her husband still give generously to our school inBaltimorerun by the same amazing women, one of whom taught at her school before coming to Baltimore.

The day was in two parts. The first part (which was where most of my involvement was) was a free and open to all outdoor community event. It had been in the works for years, but I got to be there for the home stretch. We taught the kids in the community center a cute song to present, rounded up the usual politicians (Mayor, City Council President, Congressmen), got the media on board, designed a program for the day, put our new sign on the front of the building (The Drs. Camille and Bill Cosby Community Center), devised an unveiling method, designed and purchased cute t-shirts for those involved (we wannabe Cosby kids), acquired food, decorated, and spread the word that all were invited. And then the moment was upon us, and all of our planning paid off. The event was a huge success. The mood was light and jocular. Bill Cosby remains a very funny guy. The kids were as cute as all get out. And then it was over and we were racing to get ready for the evening affair.

The evening affair was a much fancier shindig. I was able to get some ticket for my housemates thanks to some very generous friends and supervisors. We got to get fancy and eat THE BEST CRABCAKES EVER!! Plus we watched Bill Cosby Dance as only he can. Epic. There was great food, great friends, and a great time. Another plus, at this lovely evening event, I did not have any work to do and could just sit back and enjoy. Overall, a phenomenal day.




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