16. Urban Mulberry Foraging

In the first week of June I started noticing the purple spots on the ground that are the dead giveaway for ripe Mullberries.  One day (between big work events) I walked all over Baltimore and found several trees and picked berries.  It was really an incredible expirence.  The trees I was foraging from were right next to a fairly well trafficed sidewalk so I had many conversations with passing pedestrians.  Nearly everyone had something to say from people being concerned that the berries were poisinous to hearing stories of lazy childhood summer days spend sitting in Mulberry trees to recipies I heard it all.

What was so amazing to me was how people really responded, it gave me a deep sence of place and community.  I felt a connection to humanity as I talked with these people – offering them my sweet treasures, and shaking their hands (hoping that not too much purple juice rubbed off on them).

The next day I baked the mulberries into a pie and served it to my housemates and the mulberries again brought together a community.


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  1. Doug Taylor-Weiss
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 12:12:51

    I love it. I wouldn’t know a mulberry from a choke cherry. But look how many streets are named Mulberry in old towns. I’ll bet what you’re doing was common in 1812.


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