17. Our Very First Encounters with Baltimore Public Transit

When we arrived at the Gilead House in August last year none of us knew where our internship placements were going to be – it was the program’s first year and they were still getting a lot of logistical stuff worked out.  So during that week we had 2 group interviews with two of the different worksites.  For some reason (I’m pretty sure I was the main person behind insisting we do it this way) when we went to these interviews we decided to take public transportation.  I guess the thought was that we could learn how to do it so it wouldn’t be so difficult on our first day, but now I cannot believe we did it.  Not only was in at least 100 degrees both days but we soon discovored that when Google Maps says it will take 45 minutes to get somewhere they mean if everything is running on schedule, which in Baltimore is NEVER the case.

It took at least two hours for us to get to both interviews and we were dreadfully late.  We were all glad that our interviewers understood the perils of transportaion in Baltimore and were more than understanding.  And we were glad that they were group interviews so at least we were all late together!


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