24. Exploring Suburban Living

As most of you know our house is in Baltimore County, in a mostly commercial section of the suburb.  The town where we live also has a high concentration of orthodox jews.  I have never really lived in a suburb, and I have definatley never lived (for any lenght of time) in a place where Christianity or “Christianity” (as in that is just the default answer people give) was not in the majority.

On one of our first Friday nights as interns a few of us decided to go out to dinner at the little resturant a block away.  It was only about 6pm, but when we got there the resturant was closed, it had closed at 5.  I was so confused as to why a resturant would be closed at 5pm on a Friday.  I always thought Fridays were the busiest nights!  It wasn’t until months later that I realized the owners were probably observing Shabbot.

But that evening was beautiful, and we were not going to let one closes resturant deter us, so we decided to walk down the road until we found some place sutable.  The sidewalk would end on one side of the road and so we would have to cross the road, then it would end on the side of the road we were on and we would have to cross again, until eventually the sidewalk just ended.  Without finding any place to eat we tuyrned around to go home.

Happily we saw a frozn yogurt place on the way home so everything turned out alright, but living where we do was certinaly an adjustment in the early days.


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