25. Earthquake in Baltimore?

Living on the east coast my whole life, I have braved my fair share of hurricanes. I was even in Charleston, SC once when a hurricane directly hit. But earthquakes, that is a foreign concept to me. During my first week in Baltimore I lived through both. Talk about a welcome.

The five of us were sitting in our living room during orientation. We were completing our Safeguarding training, when suddenly the house began to shake. Not like a little movement during a thunderstorm, but it felt like it was coming from the ground up. Like I was standing still and the room was moving around me. My first thought was “the house must be falling down the hill!” Everyone else must have thought the same thing because we immediately ran out of our house. Two gentlemen were sitting at the church calmly chatting and cars continued zooming down Reisterstown Road. It seemed we were the only ones to experience the jolt.

After several minutes of discussion and finally getting a hold of others, we found out that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had struck the East Coast. From North Carolina to New York people felt the Earth literally move. With the confirmation that it was the Earth and not our house we ventured back inside to finish our training.

As we retell this story now, Dana likes to mention going outside during an earthquake is the most dangerous thing you can do. But if I had to choose between the house rolling down the hill if I didn’t leave or dodging a falling tree. I take my chances with the tree.

I can now say I’ve experienced almost all our mother nature’s wrath (Hurricane, Tornado, Earthquake, Blizzard) and that I hope to simply read about the rest.


Report from CBSNews – http://www.cbsnews.com/2100-201_162-20096120.html



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