Musings as our year winds down

I finally am working on a project at my job that is completely an expression of myself and my passions, and I am almost done with my year.  This past Tuesday I hosted my very first “Healthy Eating on a Budget” class in Remington.  I now know what people mean when they say that their work doesn’t feel like work.  Spending the time finding great recipes and cooking delicious and nutritious food is what I do for fun, so when I did it at work it almost felt like I was doing something sneaky.

The class had a wonderful time eating and learning together.  There is a sense of intimacy that eating a meal with others creates that I love.  It is too bad that my year here is almost at an end because I am just now starting to feel like I have found my niche in the neighborhood.  I am really going to miss walking around the streets and having everyone wave at me, and the children all run up to me and ask me to play with them.  It has been an interesting, at times trying year to be sure, and I do think that I am ready for the next step, but all the same leaving here will be bittersweet.


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