5 Things I’ve Learned This Year

1. Liturgical Seasons
Growing up in the Baptist tradition the only seasons I ever knew where Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. While being immersed in the Anglican tradition, liturgical seasons where something I had to kind of learn on the fly, but I have come to really appreciate them. I like to idea of setting apart times during the year to remember certain biblical events and people. It grounds one in the faith in very unique way.
2. Creation Care
I went to a very green college. We always recycled and composted. Our cups where all made from corn and completely biodegradable, which wasn’t that great when you let it sit out for a few days in your room. We even have a competition to see which dorm can use the least amount of energy each spring. So I became very aware of my impact, but it was just this year I really started learning about creation care. I love the idea of creation care and am a firm believer of creation care. As stewards of this gift from God (the Earth) we must take care of it, in the way God takes care of us. The kingdom is not about take, take, take but about give, give, give. For it is the least of these that Jesus came.
3. Advocacy
I have learned I have a real passion for advocacy and outreach. I find the most joy in attending BCCH rallies, BUILD actions, and giving speeches about N2N. With all the blessings I’ve had it is only right to try and bless others. I have seen how the voices of many people matter. How people coming together can make a difference. I truly believe God calls us to stand up for those and cannot stand for themselves and speak up for those without a voice. If we want to flourish as a civilization, then we must fight for equality in all facets of society. 
4. Silence
Shouting, Crying, Running around the church, and Speaking in tongues those are all ways I’ve seen people pray and praise. Sitting in silence for extended periods of time, not so much. But this year I have learned about how silence can be so moving. Waiting for the spirit to come and until then just being still. Listening to you breathing and experiencing God’s presence in the solitude of your heart. I am definitely adding some silent prayer practices to my routine to have a more balanced prayer life.
5. Everything Happens for a Reason
Okay, so maybe I knew that before I came to Baltimore but many days I sit and think about how I got here. In God’s cosmic plan this is exactly where I’m suppose to be in this exact moment. That Is Beautiful.

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