The Importance of Food

I love food.  The joy:simplicity ratio of food is unparalleled.  Maybe you don’t derive as much joy from eating as I do, but for me eating a really good grapefruit, or an excellent piece of pizza can be a nearly spiritual experience for me.  And really, why shouldn’t it be?  Yes, gluttony is a sin, but thoroughly taking delight what God has given you is pretty close to the definition of paradise.

In my opinion food is much more important than we make it out to be in North America.  The number of fast food restaurants, and lunch meetings we have is a testament to the fact that we don’t place a very high importance on food and eating.  To me that seems out of balance.  We need to eat every day, three times every day actually.  I don’t think God would have made us how we are if God did not think food was important.

So what are we to do?  I think food and community must be interwoven, historically they always have been.  People used to have to depend on their neighbors to grow the crops that they could or did not, looking a hunter/gatherer societies the hunters must rely on the gatherers in order to get many essential vitamins and minerals, and the gatherers must rely on the hunters to get protein.  If one group fails at their duty everyone will suffer.  But in these days we are very separated from our food.  If there is a frost in Florida and the orange crop is damaged our grocery store will simply purchase oranges from Brazil and we will have to pay a couple of cents more.  But even the aspect of sitting down to dinner with others is fading.  As our schedules become more demanding we tend to eat in a rush alone and race off to the next thing on our agenda.

Well, we at the Gilead house are resisting this disconnect between food and community.  New in 2012 we are eating together intentionally two nights a week. And on one of those nights we are inviting interesting people to share a meal with us a enter into our community.  It’s been pretty great so far.

Janet cooking for us

P.S. If you’d like to score an invite to a yummy community dinner at the Gilead House e-mail me We’d love to have you!


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  1. geet2go
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 14:21:12

    Great post, Zenobia, I agree, and I love how you called out the joy:simplicity bit.
    I recently wrote something along the same lines for my first ever blog post (it’s here, and I’d actually love to hear your opinion on it if you ever get a chance), and one of the things that it got me thinking about is what we can really do to eat ‘differently.’ I really like where you guys are doing with this. Cheers!


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