Atmosphere of Growth

Written by Janet Nunnally

So it’s been a while since I put anything on the blog… and thinking about what I wanted to write about, I realized just how much has happened since my last entry. So on which inspiring event did I wish to reflect? Perhaps work… We had a Christmas party for the kids in our after school program. We served a delicious dinner, gave out awards, and exhibited to parents all that their children were learning in dance, music, and art. We also had goody bags packed with books and warm winter wear and Santa made a guest appearance with beautiful new toys. Overall, the event moved me to tears. The smiles on the kids faces was one of the best things I’ve ever seem. Or maybe I should reflect on our Martin Luther King Day Job Fair. With 240 volunteers and close to 400 job seekers. We helped develop resumes and introduced employers. People learned valuable skills and volunteers were able to spend a day in service to honor Dr. King. Or maybe I should write about the community and how we’ve completely revamped our goals and plans to accomplish them for the remainder of our time. A great part about our fluid community is its ability to change to our needs. Instead of just nightly prayer, we are pushing each other to grow in all aspects of out spiritual development. Or then again, there is the fascinating social circles of which we can be a part. We meet the spiritual and community leaders of the area and have real conversations on improving the future and how we can be part of that change. We meet the volunteers within the city and beyond. All the different service groups that are working to make these changes and who will surely be influenced by this year, and perhaps continue to work for these changes throughout their life. Overall I am reflecting on all of these inspirations, and that is what this year is all about. There’s not, for myself at least, one single life changing event. There is daily inspiration from multiple sources that together influence your life. Influences from housemates, supervisors, and the people I help are working together to create this intense atmosphere of growth that I can always gain from. I hope I can take all of these things in and have them change me to what God would have me to be. He brought me here and this is right where I should be, of that I have no doubt. In this place and in this atmosphere, growth is almost a given.



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  1. Zenobia
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 14:56:26

    Love this Janet! When we hang out with our volunteer friends I sometimes get really excited about the future. These are the people who are going to do amazing things in the world. And we knew them first!


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