A Lesson In Life

Written by Jamie Foust

This weekend has been amazing we went to in my opinion the most beautiful place on earth in the mountains of Maryland. I can’t explain how beautiful the mountains and the leaves were being there and seeing the beautiful scenery made me realize that something so beautiful could only be made by God himself and not created by man. This retreat we learned about personality type and of course I am an extreme introvert, I have learned a lot about myself and my limits as a person. I know I am an extreme introvert and as an introvert I need my alone time to recharge and if I can’t recharged I get very moody. I need to find a healthy way to distress when I feel emotionally and physically drained. We also talked about emptiness and letting go which I feel is something that I need to work at as well. The retreat center used to be a family farm/plantation, we went to the slave grave yard and we learned a lot about the slaves that use to live on the plantation. Hearing the story of the slaves and what happened to them made me want to look up my family and find out there story and pass the information on to the next generation. The retreat was amazing and I hope my housemates had a great time as well. I can’t wait to go back.



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