Be Careful What You Ask For

Written by Dana Glenn

I joined my internship at Francis M. Wood High School later than the rest of the girls; I had to wait on funding from the school system. I ended up loving my temporary placement with a board member and was sad to go, but I was excited to see what I would be doing for the rest of the year. At any rate, I’ve had a lot of down time at work lately, so during our evening prayer we said what goals we had for the upcoming week. I said that I wanted to find a project at work to help pass the down time. The very next day at work 3 projects came to me, all of which I will enjoy helping with. I love a challenge, especially in time management, so I’m excited to be so busy. I was determined to cure my boredom, besides Netflix and other busy work, and I lifted it up in prayer. In light of my complaining, clearly God felt the need to make some use of me!

Be careful what you ask for folks, it could come back to you 3 fold.

Peace and light.



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  1. Zenobia
    Nov 01, 2011 @ 09:17:46



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